Half Marathon

  • The race begins promptly at 8:00 am
  • Dogs are not allowed on our course due to the fear, anxiety, or stimulation someone with autism may have

The Top 10 Reasons why YOU should run the CV Half Marathon:

10. You will have 13.1 reasons to brag!
9.  A sure-fired plan to meet your fitness goals for this year ahead of schedule.
8. Carbs become your friend, not your enemy.
7. Everyone knows someone affected by Autism, be a part of the search for a cure!
6. Everyone wins a cool Medal, the best goodie bag & tech T-shirt.
5. Why run in the smelly city? Come breathe the fresh country air.
4. Crossing the finish line for a good cause & saying “I did it!” – What a feeling!
3. You can eat whatever you want after the race guilt free.
2. Less than 1% of the US population has ever completed a half marathon.
Be part of an elite group!

And the #1 Reason to run the CV Half Marathon…

1. A free Beer at the finish line!